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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Ram Tekri












Ram Tekri in Ratanpur, Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh is named after the hill on which is the Ram-Janaki mandir with its magnificient granite statues of Lord Ram, Sita and Lord Hanuman. This temple was built by Maratha king Shivaji Rao Bhonsle.




Legend has it that in the 15th Century, Bimbaji Rao Bhonsle commissioned three idols that he wished to install at the spot. However, Lord Ram appeared in his dream and instructed that he installs the three sunken statues that could be found in Bikma Talab. The king searched the entire lake but couldn’t find it and returned disappointed. The following day, the three statues miraculously appeared standing in front of the door. Accepting it as divine will, the king placed his statues outside and consecrated the divine trio inside.










The other statues that one can see in this temple are of Lord Vishnu and Kaal Bhairav. This temple has a great historical as well as archeological value.  It is visited by a large number of tourists and devotees who gather here on the auspicious occasions to offer prayers and to have their wishes fulfilled. It is highly revered among the holy places in Bilaspur.