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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Phalut or Falut











 Phalut or Falut (3600 m) is the second highest peak of West Bengal, India. Part of the Singalila Ridge in the Himalayas, it is located at the border of the Indian states of West Bengal and Sikkim and the country of Nepal. It is located inside the Singalila National Park. A small bunkhouse is near the top of the peak and is administered by the Indian army. Singalila Pass is 17 km away from Phalut. 




The word “Falut” is derived from the Lepcha word “Fak-luk” which means “Barren peak”. The area surrounding the peak is, in fact, quite barren. On the way to the mountain one may find rhododendron trees of various types that flower during the months of April to May. The indigenous tribes that inhabit the area are known as Falutains. The Falutians have a 300 year old history of worshipping the mountain since they believe it is a god. They call it as “Omna Re Ay”.