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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023






Nemgiri is a place in Jintur taluka of Parbhani district of Maharashtra state of India. Nemgiri is particularly known for its Jain temple which is protected by the state government and Archaeological Survey of India.





Nemgiri is named after the twenty-second Jain tirthankara Neminatha. In ancient times this area was known as Jainpur. In the 9th century, during the time of Emperor Amoghavarsha of Rashtrakut Family. Later, in the middle period of Indian history, this was destroyed by invaders, and its name changed to Jintur, which is its current name. In the year 1609 AD, this holy site was reconstructed and developed by Shri Veer Sangavi of Bagherwal caste. It is said that "Samavsharan" of Lord Mahaveer came here, and that the last Shrut Kevali Acharya Bhadrabahu with his 1200 scholars installed the idol of Lord Parshvanatha. The idol is said to float at a height of 3 inches. So this is called "Antariksha Parsvanath". According to archaeologists, the idols of this Tirtha (holy site of Hinduism and/or Jainism) are 1000 years old or more.






The holy site is situated in the sub hills of Sahyadri mountains, in the area of Parbhani district 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) away from Jintur.  On Nemgiri hill there are seven caves. The caves have tiny entrances but the idols inside are quite large. Nemgiri caves are unique examples of engineering of that era.





In first cave of Nemgiri, an attractive idol of Lord Mahaveer in cross legged seating posture is installed, 3.5 feet in height. In the second cave, there is an ancient idol of Lord Adinath in state of meditation & penance. In the third cave there is an attractive idol of Lord Shantinath, 6 feet in height in cross legged seating posture. In the 4th cave, a very beautiful idol of Lord Neminath (The 22nd Teerthankar) in cross legged seating posture is installed which is 7.5 feet in height. In the 5th cave an idol of Antariksha Parsvanath is a must to see, 6.5 feet in height with nine serpent hoods over head, really a wonder of the world. In the sixth cave, there is an ancient idol in standing posture with four heads in four directions, seams the part of Manstambha (column of dignity).




In the seventh cave, there is a wonderful very artistic standing idol of Lord Bahubali, decorated with creepers and serpent hoods on both shoulders, really a piece of art. Its height is 5.5 feet. There are 2 old temples in Jintur city, old & ancient idols of the temples ruined by invaders are placed here. In one temple an idol of goddess Padmawati with four arms decorated with ornaments looks very beautiful. A standing idol of Lord Parsvanath 3 feet 10 inches in height is also here. This was installed in Shaka Samvat 1514.