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| Last Updated:: 13/09/2023

Moungri cave



The village Moungri is a small village nestling in the Panchari Block of district Udhampur. A number of natural Shrines are found in this area, a few of them are discovered while lots of them are still to be explored. One such shrine was discovered by a local Advocate, Shri Swatantra Dev Kotwal on the 14th September, 1998. The shrine, known as Shiv Parvati Cave Shrine, consists of two caves of approx. 20 & 25 feet long. The main attractions of the Holy Shrine are nine and half feet high naturally formed rock Shiv Lingam being guarded by  Shesh Nag, Joint Parvati Lingam on the left along with the Damroo beat at right, Nandi, Shankhas, Amrit Kund and countless images of other deities of Hindu religion.


In the ancient times the village Moungri was known as Sonara. The word Sonara means a land of hundred water springs. In Dogri language, water spring is called Naaras. According to the legend, it was an abode of Nag Devta (King of the snakes), and once hundreds of natural stone made water springs used to flow. Still at present number of such water springs are found in the area.