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| Last Updated:: 12/09/2023

Malethirike hill





The Ayyappa and Shiva temples on the Malethirike Hill, which is about 8 km from Virajpet. While the Shiva Temple is at the top of the hill, the Ayyappa Temple is half way down the hill. A clock tower at the centre of Virajpet. Nearby the Tower, there is a Ganesha. There is a 220-year old St. Anne’s Church built in Gothic style.






These hills have a large number of huge spice and coffee plantations. It is a major producer of coffee seeds in India. It has also the distinction of being the biggest honey producer In Asia.





Madikeri or Mercara Dasara is the main festival here. The festival, celebrated in October, lasts for ten days. The festival depicts the victory of Goddess of Power over the Asuras. A procession is taken out on this occasion with singers and dancers participating in it.