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| Last Updated:: 13/09/2023

Khapra Kodiya Caves





These caves are also known as Khangar Mahal. They are carved out in an east-west longitudinal ridge. Caves are small in area but, it has unique architecture of the water tanks design on western side and ‘L’ shaped residence. According to the Burgess, caves were carved in 3rd – 4th century A.D.  These caves were used by bhikkus during vassa period. The dwellings were carved during the Ashoka’s rule and are the oldest in Junagadh. The dwellings had a water leakage problem after many years of stay, so they had to vacate the caves. According to few studies, bhikkus went to Maharashtra for carving other similar Buddhist caves. The caves suffered by water leakage in the past than now. The highest storey of the cave is in good condition.