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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023







Kanakagiri (also known as Suvarnagiri) is a historical place in India, and new Taluk headquarters situated in Karnataka State, It's new taluk of Koppal district. 20 km north west to Gangavati town. Kanakagiri means a Hill of Gold. The common local saying is that "those who have eyes should visit Kanakagiri and those who have legs should visit Hampi".



Swarnagiri is believed to be headquarters of southern viceroyalty of Mauryas. This town has several ancient temples built by the Naiks of Kanakgiri. Of all the temples, Kanakachalapathi Gidu is the largest and known for its architectural beauty of Vijayanagara era. The Kanakachalapathi temple is a 16th-century Hindu temple dedicated to the god Vishnu. Kanaka Muni performed penance here.



The temple complex is a large one with spacious halls (mandapa) and massive Yali pillars. There a three well executed tiered gopuras (tower over entrance) over as many entrances. Sculpture in the temple includes those of mythological figures in wood and pilaster, and that of kings and queens in black stone.



The Phalguna annual fair in Kanakagiri is attended by a large number of devotees every year. The great royal bath on the outskirts of the town is a place of historical importance and a local attraction. There is a common saying that those who have eyes should visit Kanakagiri and it is a testimony to the beauty of this place.