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Kampil, a small village that has been erased from the memory of the mankind, is actually a very important place from historical and mythological point of view. 



It is believed to be the birthplace of the 13th tirthankar Brahlan Vimal Nath. This is a Holy Land where the four Kalyanakas—chayavan, birth, diksa and omniscience—of Tirthankar 1008 Bhagawan Vimalnath ji, the thirteenth Tirthnakara took place. It was also graced by the visit of Lord Mahavir. Two temples dedicated to the 13th Teerthankar one belonging to the Shwetambar Jains and other to the Digambar Jains are situated at this place. 



1. Shri Vimalnath Digambar Jain Atishay Kshetra : Shri Vimalnath Digambar Jain Atishay Kshetra is around 1800 years old temple dedicated to Bhagwan Vimalnatha, thirteenth Tirthankara of Jainism. Temple has a about 60 cm high black coloured idol of Bhagawan Vimalanatha in the Padmasana Posture.This Idol is around 2600 years old. It is said that the idol was recovered from the river Ganga. There are many other idols worth to be seen. The spire of temple is very high & vast. 



2. Shri Vimalnath Swami Jain Shwetambar Mandir & Dharmashala: The idol of Lord Vimalnath stands in the main hall.This idol is nearly 45 cm high, white coloured idol of Bhagawan Vimalanatha in the Padmasana posture. 



A key remnant of Kampilya's mythical past still continues to attract the odd worshippers and draws thousands to congregate annually for a fair at the havan kund, where Draupadi and her twin brother Dhrishtadyumna are said to have emerged out of the proverbial fire of knowledge. The Mahabharata says this was after King Drupada performed a yagna to avenge his defeat to Guru Dronacharya. The latter is said to have annexed half of Drupada's kingdom, helped by his disciple Arjun, who later went on to win Draupadi's hand in marriage at a swayamvarA site where Arjun achieved this feat is said to lie in the vicinity of Kampil town. 



Near the sacrificial alter, there’s a structure, which is the hermitage of a sage called Kampil, where he used to perform penance. 



The temple of Rameshwarnath Mahadev, which stands in the town is very old. The temple is traditionally attributed to Shatrughana brother of Rama. It is said that he had brought the idol (Lingam) of Shiva, which was worshipped by Sita, the wife of Rama in Ashok Vatika while she was held in captivity in Lanka. This idol is said to be stalled in this temple.