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Kamarpukur in the Hoogly district, West Bengal is famous for being the birthplace of saint-philosopher Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa. The holy hamlet attracts a massive number of devotees of Sri Ramakrishna across the year and thus, over a period of time has become a site of pilgrimage. 




Kamarpukur is predominantly visited by the devotees of Sri Ramakrishna, who seek harmony and tranquillity amidst the calm of this little village. Thousands visit it every year from the various parts of the world and get spiritually refreshed and elevated. 




Built on the bank of the canal ‘Bhutir Khal’ there exists the old kuthir of Sri Ramkrishna, the house where he used to live and the mango tree that he had planted are preserved by the Kamarpukur Math. The Ramakrishna math was built much later which is known as Ramkrishna Mission. 




Kamarpukur Math was built in 1951 by the monks of Ramakrishna Mission and Ramakrishna Math. The opulent temple is 45 ft. high and has a marble statue of Sri Ramakrishna installed. With the construction of guest houses, a library, a dispensary, schools and the re-excavation of the tank called Haldarpukur, as also with the development of the surroundings, the place has really become one of the noted-spot in the whole locality. 




Apart from the Kamarpukur Ramakrishna Math, there are many other attractions in this place including the ancestral home of Sri Ramakrishna, Raghubir Temple, Yogi’s Siva temple, Haldar-Pukur and Manik Raja’s Mango Grove. The temples in this city are really imposing and are places offering secluded worship. Temple of Gopeswar Siva, Dhani Kamarini’s Temple and Mukundapur Siva Temple are some among them. 





Raghuvira temple 





The newly built Raghuvira temple was originally a small hut with thatched roofs and mud made floors and walls. The temple is devoted to lord Rama (Raghuvira). A salagrama of Raghuvira admires the temple. The temple also houses an earthen jar, which is believed to be of Goddess Sita and a Rameshwara Sivalinga. A salagrama of Narayana (Lord Vishnu) and a deity of Gopala are also worshipped here. The temple is frequented by tourists who come to the Ashram of Sri Ramakrishna. 





Gopeshwar temple 





Gopeshwar temple is an age-old temple located in the eastern side of the sacred home of Sri Ramakrishna in Kamarpukur. The temple is mainly dedicated to lord Shiva and the shivalinga, which is worshipped in the temple, was founded by Sukhlal Goswami or his forefather Gopilal Goswami, who were fervent devotees of Lord Shiva. Thousands of Lord Shiva’s disciple flock at the temple each year. 





Yogi Shiva Temple 





Towards the north of the abode of Sri Ramakrishna, there stands the Yogi Shiva Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed that the mother of Sri Ramakrishna conceived him, due to the celestial light that she envisioned emerging from an image of Lord Shiva. This temple is highly revered by the Shaivities. Pilgrims visit this temple to worship the idol of Shiva adorning the temple. 





Mukundapur temple 





The history of Mukundapur temple is closely related with the life of Sri Ramakrishna. It is believed that Gopeshwar Shiva instructed Sri Ramakrishna’s mother to worship in the Mukundapur temple and penance to make his child recover from madness. Ramakrishna’s mother took a fast for several days and went through many painstaking sufferings seeking the blessings of Gopeshwar Shiva. Finally, a soft voice told her that her son is not suffering from madness and he behaves differently for his divine powers. 





Simhavahini temple 





The Simhavahini temple which is situated near the Talpukur Lake is  devoted to Goddess Simhavahini and is known to be the place where the Holy Mother, Sarada Devi, fasted for many days in order to recover from a critical ailment. Followers of Sri Ramakrishnan and Ma visit this place invoking their blessings. 





Vishalakshi Temple 





Situated at Anur, around 2 km from Kamarpukur, goddess Vishalakshi is a very popular deity. People vow offerings to the goddess with the hope that the goddess will fulfil their desire. Not very long ago the goddess resided under the open sky at the place where the present temple is situated. Villagers were used to construct an ordinary leafy shed every year before the Makar Sankranti (Mid January) when a fair was organised. The tradition of the fair is being followed till today. 




The annual birth-day celebration of Sri Ramakrishna is the principal festival of the village.