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Chitrakoot falls in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Associated with the Hindu epic Ramayana, the town enjoys a spiritual legacy that is unparalleled in the entire country. 




Kamadgiri is a mountain and a popular holy place of Chitrakoot Dham, which is located around 130 km from Allahabad. It derives from the Sanskrit word ‘Kamadgiri’ which means a mountain that fulfils all wishes and is venerated today as the holy embodiment of Rama. The place is believed to have been the abode of Lord Ram, Sita and Laxman during their exile. The holy temple of Lord Kamtanath, another name of Lord Rama, is situated here. It is one of the famous religion and sacred place to visit in Uttar Pradesh. 




A forested hill, it is skirted all along its base by a chain of temples and is venerated today as the holy embodiment of Rama.  This hill has a pedestrian path at the base, which is used by barefoot pilgrims for circumambulation. There are several temples on the 5 kilometres path of the Parikrama, one of them is the famous Bharat milaap temple, where Bharat met lord Ram and convinced him to come back to his kingdom. 




Some people believe that the hill is hollow from within and that it contains a blue illuminated lake. Immortal sages who can tell the destinies of the world and of mankind inhabit the banks of the lake. It is believed that only pure souls can find the entrance to this hallowed place and pass through. 




Another story associated with this hill is that when rainwater fills the lake, overflowing its banks, 24 springs gush out together. 




Lakshman Pahari or Lakshman Hill is a beautiful mountain which is located on the Parikrama Path of Kamadgiri Mountain. As per local belief, this is the place where Lakshman, younger brother of Lord Rama, rested when he was not standing guard, or serving his brother Lord Rama and his wife, Sita.