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| Last Updated:: 14/09/2023

Kallil cave temple Methala






The ancient Kallil cave temple is situated in Methala – a small rural community in Asamannoor Village in Kunnathunadu Thaluk of Ernakulam District in Kerala.  Bhagavathi’s (Goddess’) shrine or ‘prathishta’ is in a cave beneath the massive rock that stands sans a support on the ground. This very rock holding on to its position solely owing to Bhagavathi’s grace which may perhaps be called one of the wonders of the world is the unique feature of this temple.


This giant of a monolith measuring a whooping 75 feet length, 45 feet width and 25 feet height stands tall as nothing less than enigma before the keepers of history and the very scientific community. Studies indicate that the inception of the temple might date back to third century BC. This natural structure situated right in the middle of a jungle as wide as 28 acres is considered one among prime ancient Jain temples in Kerala. 





The presence of Vardhamaana Mahavir, Paarshwanadhan and Padmavathi Devi as deities serves as evidence to this historic piece of information. Perhaps the place where the Jain ‘Sanyaasis’ performed the ‘thapasya’ eventually became a temple in the course of time.