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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Kaina Hill







The mountain range that extends to the south of the small hill called Langmaijing, which is situated about fourteen kilometres to the east of Manipur valley is known as the Kaina Hill. It was known as Lakhai Phandong Ching in the olden days. The Meitei Vaisnavs call it Bhashmukh Parbat.


The Kaina Hill is located 29 kms from the Capital city Imphal. It is located at a height of 921 meters above mean sea level and attracts lot of spiritual tourists, especially the Vaishnava Hindus. This hill is well known for its serene and tranquil atmosphere.





According to popular legend, Lord Govindajee appeared to his devotee Bheigyachandra, Maharaja of Manipur, in a dream and asked him to build a temple enshrined with his image carved out of a jackfruit tree which was then growing at Kaina. Beautiful hill shrubs and charming natural surroundings give the place a saintly solemnity. Ceremonial dances depicting the divine dream are performed as Ras at the Mandop.