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| Last Updated:: 21/09/2023

Jaintia Hills





Covering an area of 3819sq km and situated at an average height of 1631m from mean sea level, the Jaintia Hills are located in the state of Meghalaya.


The Marangksih Peak on the Eastern pleateau of Jaintia Hills stands majestically at the elevation of 1,631 metres from the mean sea level and is the highest peak in the entire District. The Jaintia Hills is richly endowed with natural resources.

Nartiang which is 65-km from Shillong, was the summer capital of the Jaintia kings, of Sutnga state. Huge monoliths form the striking landmarks of the village, said to be erected by Mar Phalyngki, a 'Goliath' of yore. The Nartiang Menhir measure 27 feet in height above the ground, 6 feet in breadth and 2 feet 6 inches in thickness. The monoliths represent the megalithic culture of the Hynniewtrep people. A 500-year-old temple of Goddess Durga is another attraction at Nartiang. In addition to these Jainita Hills has numerous sacred lakes and caves which are revered by the people.