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| Last Updated:: 25/08/2023

Indian Oleander


Botanical Name

Nerium oleander Linn.

Common Name

Indian oleander, Kaner (Hindi), Arali (Tamil), Karaveera (Sanskrit)



Throughout India


Religious association



The flower is sacred to Lord Shiva and is offered to the deity. The Arali tree is the sthalavriksha at the Shiva temple at Tirukaraveeram, Tamil Nadu. The presiding deity here is Lord Karaveeranathar. The flower is also sacred to Lord Vishnu.


Although, red flowers are normally considered auspicious to be offered to Hindu deities, especially to the Devi, with Oleander(lotus and rose)all colours are equally acceptable.




The plant has been used to extract oldendrine, for its medical usage as a cardio-tonic. The decoction of the leaves can be applied externally in the treatment of scabies and to reduce swelling. It is a common ornamental plant, which is used often in hedging.