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| Last Updated:: 25/08/2023

Indian Jasmine


Botanical Name

Jasminum auriculatum Vahl.

Common Name

Indian Jasmine, Juhi (Hindi), Usimalligai (Tamil), Yuthika (Sanskrit)




Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and the Western ghats


Religious association




The flower is held sacred to all forms of Goddess Devi and is used as sacred offerings during Hindu religious ceremonies.





Jasmine flower is grown as an ornamental plant. It is adorned for its fragrance and beauty. The flowers have been traditionally used for making garlands. They are worn to decorate the hair especially in the southern parts of India. Jasmine oil is used as medicine as well as to anoint the hair. It is a used in making perfumes and incense sticks.



The roots of the plant are useful in the treatment of skin diseases especially for ringworms.