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| Last Updated:: 14/09/2023

Hulimav Cave Temple






The Hulimav Cave Temple, also known as the Hulimav Shiva Cave Temple, is located in Hulimavu, Bengaluru district.


The Cave Temple is administered by the Sri Sri Bala Gangadaraswami Mutt. It is stated that a saint did tapas in the cave for many years and his Samadhi is also found inside.









There are three main deities consecrated inside. While a Shiva Lingam occupies the centre, on one side there is a Devi idol and, on the other side, the idol of Ganesha has been consecrated. On the other side of the cave, a very old dhyana mantap is also found.






The temple is placed within the natural cave inside the rocks. The detailed history of the temple is however not available, but it was stated that the temple is as old as 4–5 hundred years.