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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Gopadari Hill






One of the popular sacred sites in Srinagar, the Shankaracharya Hill is a part of the Zabarwan Mountain that occupies the central part of Kashmir. The Aitagaj Gap separates this igneous rock formation from the Shilamar Range. This hill was known as Jetha Larak in olden times and was later changed to Gopadari Hill. Several stories are associated with this hill, which holds immense religious significance. According to legends, the revered philosopher Adi Shankara visited this valley about a thousand years ago and resided here for some time. In honour of the saint, the hill and the ancient Shiva temple on the crest were named after him. 




Some are of opinion that the temple at the top was originally built by King Sandiman (2629-2564 B.C.). There is another story that in 1368 BC King Gopadittya repaired it and bestowed it to the Brahmins of Aryavarta.