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| Last Updated:: 21/09/2023

Gandhamoan Hills











Gandhamoan Hills nearby Hajo are famous for a siva temple or devalaya where Lord Shiva is worshipped as Bhringeswar. This devalaya was also probably constructed by Siva Singha. The main place of worship here is a big turtle shaped stone representing Lord Siva. This is the oldest place of worship in the whole area. This ‘stone-God' remains submerged in the water tank for five to six months. There is a narrow path that leads to the Idol. The main shrines in the devalaya house a bell-metal Siva with five faces and goddess Parbati on his lap, Kubera (God of riches), Dasabhuja Durga, Lakhmi-Narayan, Vishnu and Siva Linga – all reigning deities of the temple. On the way to the main shrine, there is a stone-cut Ganesha in this temple. The most special feature of this temple is that both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sacrifices are offered here.