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| Last Updated:: 23/08/2019

Devi Patan














Located at 70km from Gonda, and 2 km from Tulsipur, in Uttar Pradesh is the famous Devi Patan temple, which is one of the 51 Shakti Peeths equally admired by the Hindus in India and Nepal. 



The Devi Patan Siddha Peeth had been established by Guru Gorakshnath of the Nath Sampradaya. The present temple is said to be constructed by king Vikramaditya and in the 11th century King Suheldeo of Sravasti renovated this temple. Today the Royal family of Balrampur is the caretaker of the temple. 



There are two stories establishing the presence of Goddess Patan. Both of them are different stories but they ultimately mark the presence of the Goddess. According to the Hindu legend, when Lord Shiva was carrying the corpse of his wife Sati, her right shoulder (Pat) fell on this land. Another story says that the right thigh had fallen from the corpse of Goddess Sati. 



The devotees here have a curious way of offering their prayers to the Goddess Patteshwari. The temple is considered sacred to shed off the hair of the devotees as a part of one of the important traditions called “Mundan” in Hindu religion after the birth of child. They offer their hair to the Goddess Patteshwari as an offering to their prayers. There are people who are unable to perform the Mundan in the temple premises due to various reasons hence carry their hair to the temple and offer them to the Goddess. It is considered as a sacred ritual among the devotees. 



The temple celebrates Chaitan Darshan and Navratri as its major festivals. 



Every year a Shobha Yatra named Peer Ratan Nath is organized in the Chaitra month of the Hindu calendar. This Shobha Yatra has huge mass of devotees from the Nepal. It is celebrated as a huge celebration to commemorate the blessings of Goddess Patteshwari. 













The Navratri is a long, colorful and musical festival that is celebrated every year to mark the presence of the Goddess on earth and her nine different avatars are worshipped on each day. This marks the triumph of good over evil. The devotees strongly believe that Goddess Patan or Goddess Patteshwari helps them to get rid of their miseries. 














The temple also has a famous pond which is believed to be built by the famous warrior Karna, dated back from the time of Mahabharata. This temple is named as “Surya Kund”. This was developed to pay reverence to his father Lord Surya.