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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Brahmagiri Hills

Situated on the borders of Karnataka and Kerala states, these hilly slopes are at a  distance of 11km from Thirunelli on the border between Wayanad district of Kerala in the south and Kodagu district of Karnataka in the north. The hills rise to an altitude of 1608m above mean sea level. The etymology of the word “ Brahmagiri” indicates that it is comprised of “ mountain peaks covered with fog” .These hills are covered with dense forests which are abundant in wildlife. Besides, there are coffee and orange plantations on the hilly slopes.
The area is also a sightseers paradise. One such spot is Pakshipathalam which at an elevation of 1740 meters in the Kerala portion of Brahmagiri.   In the Kerala portion of Brahmagiri there is an ancient cave. The Karnataka side of the cave is called Munikal. The Iruppu falls of the Lakshmana Theertha river is situated in Karnataka part of the Brahmagiri hills. It is a major attraction for tourists.
 The hills are home to many temples. On the Kerala side , recently a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu has been built. This temple is  also known as “Dakshna Kasi” or “Kasi of the south” and has been designed in the ancient style. It comprises of 30 granite pillars. There are also other old temples and sacred ponds in these hills which make it a popular destination for devotees.