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| Last Updated:: 16/09/2019

Arunachal Pradesh





Brahmaputra plateau, Tezu in Lohit District

Parasuram Kund



A place of great religious sanctity in the north east of India is Parasuram kund, which is situated in the lower reaches of north Tezu in Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh.  This site is associated with Parasuram.  There is an interesting legend associated with this kund.  Once, it is said that Renuka, the mother of Parasuram went to fetch water from the river.  On the way she felt enamoured of king Chitranathan and dallied with him.  Jamadagani was enraged and he ordered his sons to behead their mother.  Parasuram beheaded his mother.  The only way this could atone for his sin was by taking a dip in the holy Brahma Kund.  Hence, Parasuram made a passage from the Brahma kund for the kund to come out and the spot where the axe dropped from his hand came to be known as Parasuram kund.    The sacred well or Brahma kund is situated close to the spot where Parasuram had opened the passage through the hills for the Brahmaputra to flow.