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| Last Updated:: 13/09/2023

Arjun Gufa








Located on the left bank of the river Beas, the Arjun Gufa or the Cave of Arjuna is 5 Kilometers away from the town of Manali in Kullu district.


The Arjun Gufa is linked to the legend of Mahabharata. There is a prevalent belief that it is in these caves near the Prini Village that Arjun, one of the Pandava brothers, performed his penance and meditated as a result of which he succeeded in acquiring the Pashupata Ashtra or the weapon from the Hindu Lord Indra. It is because of this belief that the Arjun Gufa or the Cave of Arjun got its name. A visible lake called Kunt Bhayo and a Kunti Mata Temple is located at approximately 2 kms from this cave.





Besides the mythological importance of this cave, it gained popularity due its immense natural splendor offered by snow covered peaks of Himalayas in the lap of Alpine forests. Found at the embankments of Beas River merely 3 miles distant from Manali, the place offers peace and tranquility to the villages in its vicinity as well. The Beas River passing by along with snow covered mountains is an epitome of immense beauty found in the ranges of Himalayas. These are the reasons that help to draw a large number of tourists to the state of Himachal Pradesh every year.