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Amarpur is a town and a nagar panchayat in Gomati district in the state of Tripura. Amarpur is an idyllic quiet spot, on the banks of Amarsagar, the 16th century artificial lake. The town stands on the ruins of a palace. On the southern bank lies a temple dedicated to the eight headed goddess, Mangalchandi




This historical temple was built by Tripura’s erstwhile princely ruler Amar Manikya (1577-1586) blending traditional Hindu- Buddhist architectural style. The presiding deity in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple is ‘Devi Mangal Chandi’ but there is also the figure of a cow built within as vehicle of Lord Vishnu besides images of minor deities. Despite conflicting interpretations of the architecture and nature of dedication to deities , "Mangal Chandi Temple" is a centre of pilgrimage to devotees and tourists of all hues keen to perform religious rites and acts of pieties. 




Every year large numbers of devotees throng at Tirthamukh in Amarpur sub-division to celebrate Makar Sankranti festival here. Tirthamukh is considered as a place of origin of river Gomati. On this auspicious occasion a fair is also organized at the temple premises situated at the source of Gomati River.